I am a trend & day trader from Vancouver, Canada. This blog will highlight trading setups that I am looking at and sometimes discuss my market views.

My trading style is to trade against levels & manage risk closely. I subscribe to the ‘philosophy’ that the market has 2-3 decent rallies per year and is choppy the rest of the time. As a trend follower I trade those rallies aggressively and tip toe in between the big moves.

The setups I discuss can be day, swing or position traded – depending mostly on market conditions & one’s trading style. I do not trade every setup (don’t have enough eyes) but tweet my entries after I make a trade. I also tweet my holdings every morning so I am easy to follow.

None of this is investment advice, do your own due diligence and consult an investment advisor.

WARNING: I am NOT trying to reinvent the wheel here, and I trade the same stocks over and over and I WILL repeat myself.

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